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Zhixin July Karaoke Competition & Baby Talent Show
Category: Company News
Date: 2018-12-04
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Author: 佚名
七月流火,天空没有一丝云彩,勤劳的红日却迟迟不肯下班。智信公司特在本月份举办了一场卡拉OK比赛暨宝宝才艺秀让大家感受一下什幺是火一般的热情! 好像印第安少女耶耶耶 实力派!

In July, there was no fire in the sky, and there was no cloud in the sky. The industrious Red Sun was too late to leave work. It is the season when it is the iron plate when it is boiled in the shovel.


If you give a sweltering July a little vitality? How to give the holiday baby a platform to play?

Zhixin Company held a karaoke competition and baby talent show in this month to let everyone feel what is the passion of fire! ! Enough to burn the entire desert~~


The host lineup is still quite strong, just the little brother of the red bow tie, I am looking at you!



Ouba, you sing really affectionate! Just this small gesture really makes people play in minutes, Ahaha~



High cold goddess fan burst



Only I am the most swinging, only I am the most swinging, with my rhythm!



It’s rare to see the cucurbits in this year, quiet beautiful men, come on!



Let me think about what the next sentence is like, but I don’t want to worry about it.



This, can I say that it is a flower girl?



















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